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When I was younger, I used to study in the States. While studying over there I used to work part-time at a gift store beside Disneyland, remembered how much fun to be able to interact with people from all over the world, I started renovating my place in 2017. It took me a whole year to renovate the place since I did mostly the work by myself. Yes, this is the 80% DIY house. I put my heart into it and I hope anyone who stays at the place could feel it too. 

Enjoying new Art spaces that were specifically designed to serve both art lovers and anyone who wants to experience unique gallery spaces. Our space is very unique since the third floor was newly renovated specifically for a home-sharing project. The second floor was designed to be a designed studio and an art classroom that actively use during weekend. The first floor is mostly common areas, including kitchen, dining, and living area.

Call Us: 081-621-1995   /  

colorfulenglish@hotmail.com   / 

48/14 Chaengwattana 14 rd. Laksi, BKK 10210 

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