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Ethnic Mon potteries in the past were unglazed earthen pottery that was created through the indigenous knowledge of Mon ancestors which were passed down through the generations.

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Earthen pottery is a unique identity of Mon ethnics and exists in Mon communities throughout Thailand, especially in central Thailand. The origin of Mon pottery can be traced back to the Mon’s ethnic homeland in which is now Southern Myanmar and the heritage and indigenous knowledge has continuously been inherited by subsequent generations as more and more Mons relocated into Thailand. Making Mon pottery was a primary occupation in the past and provided a steady source of income and trade.

The skills and knowledge of making Mon pottery was only kept within the family. Initial production of Mon pottery was for family consumption and personal use such as for storage of water supply, drinking water vessel, planting pots, children’s toys and floating lamp cups during Loy Kratong festival. There are many other products that the Mon’s produced and in some communities have grown into commercial production centers that cater to local and foreign customers.


At AnneArTel, we help supporting all folk crafts. This Traditional Mon Pottery works are samples of the handicrafts made by villagers in Thailand, which are considered worked of “folk wisdom.” I always believe if we help supporting the villagers to develop their handicrafts in term of designs, which will attract more customers and more orders.

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