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Rectangular grid pattern fabrics, vibrant colors are popular. Woven cotton or silk. Thai fabrics known as loincloth and commonly used as a versatile fabric since ancient times. Although it has been declining popularity loincloth. But that reflects a unique way. The original village is also a story that is paired with Always been a loincloth.

Loincloth was used since the reign of Chiang Saen. As shown in the architecture wall where Phumin Nan and Thais in Ayutthaya is commonly used across the shoulder belt and a towel to wrap arms cargo floor bed wear a bath towel body into the fabric. the versatile multi-purpose use.

Fibers that are woven loincloth, there are many kinds. Most woven of cotton. But sometimes of silk textiles. Some local raw yarn and woven from hemp line. Color pattern woven in a plaid or stripes. Most production in the north or northeast.  Most 5- wide, about 3 to progress further, a proportion that is suitable for Thai men generally. Lifespan of about 1-3 years for prices to vary according to fibers used for weaving of fabrics and color patterns.


This is not authentic Thai. The Persian language. A full word that “ In the Durban World ”(Kamar band) “ in software ” refers to the waist or lower the body’s “ current site” means a thousand straining, or expected


When the two come together, it means the belt fabric, thousands, or the wasted words “ in the Durban World” also appear in other languages ​​such as Malay language with the words “ in the Durban ”(Kamarban). Hindi words. “ In the Durban World ”(Kamar band) and in English the word. “ Come Durban’s World ”(Commer band) refers to the waist in the metal and fabric in Madrid (Tuxedo) which sets out the night club

Research on “ loincloth ” of bright robes Union Monday described as “ loincloth ”is a distortion of the word  “ karma ” (Kamar), an Iranian language used in Spain. I understand that the Spanish word “ karma ”of the language used by guests. The history. Both countries have been together a long time.

“Loincloth” and therefore can be considered as a multi-purpose garment. It is a rectangular shape. Most of the cotton fabric. But sometimes of silk textiles. In some local raw yarn and woven from hemp line. Color pattern woven in a plaid or stripes. Most production in the north or northeast. Size - different lengths away. Most 5- wide, about 3 to progress to be made ​​about the age of 1-3 years for the price would vary depending on the materials used. ( If this is the finest silk is more expensive. The most tapping across the shoulder or across the shoulders )

The costume is a pair of Thai people in all ages. The most common use of a particular country. The loincloth is not the history of Thai silk. The long period over the past 900 years as a cotton loincloth is not reporting the real goodies purpose. Because at least with the look and design that have evolved continuously. Which combines both art and science of color patterns in Thai combine harmoniously

Loincloth fabric that facilitates the Thai people for centuries likely be lost without it. There are many benefits of cloth variously The loincloth is a way of life associated with many Several well. It can be seen clearly that the “ loincloth ” the wonders of fiber that is woven elaborately. Of mythical time. And the value is commendable. Conclusion that the interests of the loincloth used from birth until death.


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This Traditional Loincloth works are samples of the handicrafts made by villagers in Thailand, which are considered worked of “folk wisdom.” I always believe if we help supporting the villagers to develop their handicrafts in term of designs, which will attract more customers and more orders.

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