Wat Koo or Wat Ku

This riverside temple is very famous due to the fact that “Phranang Rua Lom” palace which villager give a lot of respect, is located. Presumably built in the late Ayutthaya period around B.E. 21752, previously named “Wat Lang Suan” Later on May 31st, B.E. 1880, Somdet Phranang Chao Sunantha Kumarirat, Queen of Rama V’s ship got accident which caused her death in front of the temple while travel to Bang Phra In Palace with princess Kanna Porn Petcharat Sopangka Tachniyalak Akworaratcha Kumari and prince in womb. Since ship salvage being operated at the temple. Then villager called this temple “Wat Ku” or “Wat Phranang Rua Lom” afterward.


The villagers have built a palace “Phranang Rua Lom” beside the river. The palace model from Bang Phra In Palace’s tetrahedron pavilion, Enshrined a statue of her in standing manner with equivalence size of her, inside the palace. At present, a lot of people come to pray respect with popular thing to dedicate to her which is banana, young coconut and fresh jasmine garland.


The temple also has notable thing which is second largest reclining Buddha image of Nonthaburi Province. The Buddha image is 43 meter lengths, slender face, smiles in reserve manner and a unique character is hair between eyebrows. The Buddha image enshrined in the exposed temple which is not appear when it was built. Behind the reclining Buddha image is the remainder of Queen Sunantha Kumarirat’s ship which villagers were salvage and kept in the temple. Visitor can come to see Mon mural painted with oil inside the old church.


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